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Learn More About George Sison

George Sison is the preeminent Filipino proponent of New Thought and is recognized as the “Consciousness Guru.”

From a privileged upbringing, George gained notoriety in his youth as the writer behind the provocative pseudonym Conde de Makati, whose eponymous magazine column irreverently revealed the most intimate goings-on in Filipino high society.

During Martial Law under the Marcos regime, he was detained along with other journalists, student activists, anti-government politicians and civil society figures. He narrowly escaped the fate of many them, who died or disappeared under torture or execution.

It was during this period that George began seeking a deeper meaning of his life experiences and studying esoteric subjects such as astrology, metaphysics, and New Thought.

To institutionalize his learnings in New Thought into teachings for the benefit of other people, George established the Temple of Prayer, Peace and Prosperity (TOPPP) in 1983.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

  • q-iconWhat is the TOPPP?

    The TOPPP is an acronym for an organization called the TEMPLE OF PRAYER, PEACE AND PROSPERITY.

    The TEMPLE here does not refer to an architectural structure, but are the flattened sides of your head located on each side of the forehead. It is usually associated with one’s mind. PRAYER is how we usually establish a connection with God. Although God is everywhere, most importantly we believe that GOD IS WITHIN each one of us. It is our connection with God that brings about PEACE and as a natural consequence, our PROSPERITY.

    TOPPP is a transformational organization that aims to change your life for the better no matter good it already is. It is OPEN to people of any creed or religion, and its thrust is to expand everyone’s awareness that there is ONLY ONE GOD.

  • q-iconWhat does the TOPPP teach?

    TOPPP teaches IAMISM – the study, philosophy, psychology and methodology of believing in the God within and its practice.

    TOPPP also teaches the Basic Principles of New Thought.

    1. There is only One Power in the Universe. In religion it is called GOD (I AM THAT I AM), in science it is called ENERGY.

    2. Consciousness determines the quality of your life. It is the sum total of all the thoughts, feelings and beliefs that you have given consent to, and have accepted to be true for you.

    Thought (Conscious Mind) + Feeling (Subconscious Mind) = Materialization

    3. Right thinking and feeling have a healing effect in all areas of our lives — our physical health, our finances, our relationships and our career and success.


  • q-icon Is it considered a religion?

    It is technically not a religion. The TOPPP is a transformational spiritual organization that is non-sectarian and non-ecumenical.

  • q-iconWhat is the difference between New Thought and New Age?

    New Thought is inner-centered: “As within, so without”; working on the inner to produce results in the outer (mind over matter).

    New Age concentrates more on the outer to affect the inner (matter over mind).